DPS Screenshots

This page shows actual untouched screenshots of DPS clients running with the DPS extension. Of course, colourful screenshots do not tell the whole story; in particular, they do not show

So please take these screenshots with a pinch of salt.

Orange Book examples

hello ``Hello world'' using Motif and DPS.
clock A clock.
hit Hit detection example.

DPS client library and client library demos

csb Colour selection box.
csb-depth8 Colour selection box in depth 8 (PseudoColor). Notice how the selected colour and the colour ramp are dithered.
The font selection box does not work yet.
wonderland Wonderland: interactive manipulation of DPS objects.
dpsclock A clock.
texteroids Texteroids.

gtkDPS widgets

fontsel Font selection widget.
linesel Line style selection widget.
paintsel Paint style selection widget.

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